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New Look 6824 – Lilac Polka Dot

Posted on: May 11, 2011

I’m desperate to get this blog up and running but I’m, yet again, committing the cardinal sin of having 5 things on the go and not finishing any of them!  So, instead of beautifully shot pics of artfully created garments please make do with a couple of snaps I took while off on jaunts about the countryside!

This dress is the one thing I have actually finished and worn since I started sewing clothes.  I made it for my best friend’s hen do (that’s her in the green!) which was on the theme of Vintage Housewife.  Because I can’t do anything the easy way I decided to make this dress on Monday… I needed to wear it on Sunday and have it finished by Friday night before I travelled down to Salisbury! 

I’d already made (but still not hemmed) this dress in a different patterned fabric so I knew what I was doing, which was reassuring.  I bought the fabric and notions on Monday, cut it on Tuesday, stitched everything together on Wednesday, put the zip in on Thursday and stayed up way too late on Friday hemming it!  It’s not perfect but I was pretty damned proud of myself!

It was also the perfect dress to throw on once the good weather truly hit for a quick trip to Nunnington Hall.  As you can see from both pics, I’m a hat person!  In sunny weather it’s a necessity for me as 30 minutes in the sun without one and I’ve got sunstroke!

I figure keeping notes on these things may be a good idea, who knows if it’ll stick!
Fabric: 2.3m £1.99/m from Boyes
Lining: 60cm £1.99/m from Boyes
Zip+thread etc.
Time taken: about 2 hours a night spread over 4 nights
Noes – CLIP YOUR DAMNED SEAMS GIRL!!! I kept forgetting, which was really awkward as I was trying to clip them once I’d assembled the bodice and pressing it got messy.  I hope it’s a mistake I’ll learn from quickly!


3 Responses to "New Look 6824 – Lilac Polka Dot"

You looked lovely in the dress. Do you live up north? you mentioned Boyles, and I think I have only seen them up north. My husband comes from Darlington, and I always visit Boyles when we go up north.

Yup, I live near York. I love Boyes! There are so few fabric shops left around here and Boyes may not have the best selection but the prices are always great!

That should have read Boyes…lol

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